Friday, August 8, 2014


Wed.6thAug2014 Denied pdf Voting  Notice

To all Government Official,Agencies,Media,Public at larger
In our high tech Sharon has again been denied to Vote in pdf format.
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Another Scam in the Minnesota perverse Meritocracy. Part 1 ...
Feb 2, 2014 - David Lee Lillehaug and this writer's paths had crossed many years ... 1st National Bank of Anoka, NA 91-002759, Don Mashak vs Norwest Bank 93-016429. ... current Minnesota Supreme Court Judge David Lee Lillehaug, ...
expose Lillehaug As a Blind,Deaf but not dumb Candidate hope or DFl crossover will not win Election but Platform to speak from
Attorney General
Candidate Name Party Website File Date
ANDY DAWKINS Green Party 5/29/2014
MARY O'CONNOR Libertarian Party
DAN R. VACEK Legal Marijuana Now 6/3/2014
BRANDAN BORGOS Independence 6/2/2014
SHARON ANDERSON Republican 5/20/2014
SCOTT NEWMAN Republican 5/29/2014
LORI SWANSON Democratic-Farmer-Labor 5/27/2014
Judicial Offices
Associate Justice - Supreme Court 2
Candidate Name Party Website File Date
JOHN HANCOCK Nonpartisan
WILHELMINA (MIMI) WRIGHT Nonpartisan 5/20/2014
Associate Justice - Supreme Court 3
Candidate Name Party Website File Date
DAVID LILLEHAUG Nonpartisan 5/20/2014
MICHELLE L. MACDONALD Nonpartisan 5/28/2014
Truly Yours Here
s a kicker, Sharon is allergic to Eye Doc Eric Steffen Have Appt today if break out of Painful Shingles again must report to the Public. AttorneyProSe_Private AG, ECF 65913 Pacer:sa1299 Tel: 651-776-5835 HEALTH CARE Candidate
MN Attorney General 2014 2012Senate64
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