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Minnesota House of Representatives
SESSION DAILY:TODAY: The State Canvassing Board will meet at 1 PM to certify the election results for the November 6, 2012, General Election.   WHO: Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State; Paul H. Anderson, Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court; Christopher J. Dietzen, Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court; Edward I. Lynch, Chief Judge, First Judicial District and Karen J. Asphaug, District Court Judge, First Judicial District. 
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Most House election results become official all elections for the Minnesota House and Senate are now official.
The State Canvassing Board unanimously signed off on results from the Nov. 6 election, with the exceptions of one House and one Senate district that are subject to mandatory recounts because thecandidates are less than 0.5 percent apart.
In House District 8B, where 21,288 votes were cast, Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) holds an 11-vote lead (0.05 percent) over DFL challenger Bob Cunniff. Former DFL Sen. Kevin Dahle holds a 78-vote lead (0.19 percent) over Republican Mike Dudley. More than 41,000 votes were cast in that race.
Recounts are scheduled to begin Wednesday in both districts, and the State Canvassing Board is scheduled to reconvene at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 4 to finalize the results.
“This is the largest election in our state’s history,” said Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.
State Elections Director Gary Poser said that more than 2.95 million Minnesotans (76.1 percent of eligible voters) cast ballots, 30,000 more than in the previous highest election in 2008. Nearly 528,000 people registered to vote on Election Day.
Poser and Ritchie said there was no evidence of any voter fraud.

Most House election results become official
Nearly all elections for the Minnesota House and Senate are now official. (view full story) Published 11/27/2012

Daudt chosen to lead House Republicans (11/10/2012)
Thissen is DFL choice for speaker (11/8/2012)
DFL regains control of Legislature (11/7/2012)
House approves disaster relief package in special session (8/24/2012)
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    Meet the Legislature now: The combined election directory for the House and Senate, which contains members’ photos, bios and contact information. (It will be updated as more information becomes available.)
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    Did you know that 31.3 percent of new House members did not serve last session? Click for more about the newly elected House of Representatives by the numbers. Another fact of note: When the House convenes Jan. 8, 2013, it will hold the most number of women in the state’s history — 44, up one seat from the previous record in 2006, 2008 and 2010 elections.
    New Members' Contact Information Available
    A contact roster for newly elected members to the House of Representatives and Senate is now available.
    From the Vault
    Committee names reflect the issues of the times. When the first Minnesota Legislature convened in 1857, among the 24 committees were Indian Affairs, Harbors, Ferries and State Libraries. For the list, click here.
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