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Candidate Sharon could not attend as NO Transportation  The League was supposed to read my Statement

HomeTown St.Paul Central Minnesota Homegrown

Retired RealEstateEntreprenuerVA Widow_Whistleblow

Why are you seeking this office?
(1) Expose the Bizzare Commitment's Why Separate the Health Care of alleged Mentally Ill, Close down St.Peter, Brainard Hospitals as ineffective, overly burdensome to the Tax Paying Public. Health,Housing Reforms now that ObamaCare is ObamaTaxes. (2) Expose Judicial Malpractice acting in concort with any/all Lawyers (3) Separation Powers must be enforced with Criminal RICO acts

What services should state government provide and how should those services be funded?
Less Government is best Judicial Accountability

How can Minnesota improve its business climate and create more jobs?
Techinally with ObamaCareTaxes We're in the Tank. Due Process is denied to the Public Outsourcing Medical and PC Tech Support ie: Comcast Cable to Phillipines, Dell of Texas TechSupport Phillipines and MN Supreme Court outsourcing to Tyler Tech of Texas. Minnesota is a Sanctuary State, We must Employ our own instead of outsourcing.

How would you work to protect Minnesota’s natural resources?
I have a Rain Garden its a simnple start, To conserve Water the St.Paul Corrupt Ponzi Schemes shut my Water Off. Wilful Court neglience to Steal Propertys ie: Aitkin Co. makes deals with Gravel Pit, Overbuilding on Buck Lake etc. Flushing Toilets are not Natures way of eliminating Wastes St.Paul Central Corridor in time will prove to be a Natural Disater, Look at Duluth Floods.

What is the state’s role in funding education?
Let the State controll the Schools take the Tax Burden away from the Homeowners. Disparate Impact of Seniors vs. Children. Local Government, Townships,municipalitys are out of control. Spend,Spend,Spend Tax,Tax,Tax Let the Lawyers stand in Food Lines.

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Community Reinvestment Act (CRA): Financial institutions may receive CRA consideration for community development loans, investments, or services that revitalize or stabilize federally designated disaster areas in their assessment areas or in the states or regions that include their assessment areas. For additional information, institutions should review the Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment at
City jacking the LandLords another LawFirm
File #:RES 12-1979 Version:1Name:DLA Piper Outside Counsel Agreement
Type:ResolutionStatus:Agenda Ready
In control:City Council
Final action:
Title:Authorizing the City Attorney to retain the law firm of DLA Piper, LLP to represent the City in the investigation of the matter of Magner v. Gallagher and the City's withdrawal of its petition.
Sponsors:Kathy Lantry
Attachments:DLA Piper Outside Counsel Agreement.pdf, DLA Piper Financial Anaylsis.pdf
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Dated: July 27, 2011 DORSEY & WHITNEY LLP
By /s/ Skip Durocher
Skip Durocher (#0208966)
Glenn M. Salvo (#0349008)
Sarabeth Ackerman (#0389608)
Meghan Lind (#0389034)
Kristin K. Zinsmaster (#0391299)
Suite 1500, 50 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402-1498
Telephone: (612) 340-2600
Attorneys for Defendants
CASE 0:04-cv-02632-MJD-SER Document 308 Filed 07/27/12 Page 2 of 2
 We the People wonder if these lawmakers know that St. Paul also received free legal services from Dorsey & Whitney as part of this dirty dealing? That's right............Dorsey & Whitney put 5 lawyers on the case and told the judge they were representing St Paul for free! Can you believe it?
The inquiry surrounds the lawsuit Magner vs. Gallagher. Filed by 11 St. Paul landlords, it accused the city of going to excessive lengths to condemn their properties -- a "code to the max" strategy they say reduced the number of affordable housing units available to minorities. They claimed the result was a violation of, or had "disparate impact" under, the federal Fair Housing Act. The city appealed a legal decision to the nation's highest court, and many civil rights advocates worried that the city would win and that the result could create exceptions to the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights legislation. Instead, the case is now being heard in U.S. District Court in St. Paul. An hearing scheduled for Friday, Oct. 26, recently was