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 7pm Mon 29thOct.2012
Emily McGann
Candidate Forum Coordinator
League of Women Voters St. Paul

Welcome to St. Paul's Highland Park Senior High School1015 South Snelling Avenue  Saint Paul, MN 55116
(651) 293-8940 Highland Park Senior High School is an International Baccalaureate World School as well

 Sharons Campaign re: Title 42 Public Health,Safety4All Remove Judges who violate MN Constitution Art. III Separation of Powers,Judges  not Qualified to use and implement E-Filings. Specifically Judge Gregg Johnson, Judge Jon Vandenorth et al Sharon is Blind in L Eye
Candidate Profile
Published Wednesday, September 13 08:30:26 AM
Name:Sharon Anderson
Office:Minnesota Attorney general  Senate 64
City of residence:St Paul—Aitkin—Nashwauk
Title 31 Whistleblower, re: Scarrella for Associate Justice 221NW2d562;  1994 Independent Republican nominee for attorney general; VA widow, political activist; ECF P165913; Pacer sa 1299;
 web sites educational, real estate entrepreneur; holdings St. Paul, Aitkin, Nashwauk, Gull Lake? Peterson Heritage, Mora, Minn.; Chergosky Heritage Minneapolis.
Not seeking endorsements.
Enforce Art. III Minnesota Constitution separation of powers, MS8.06; advocate high standards, ethics, morality, health care, access, eminent domain compensation. Prosecute violations of case fixing, election fraud, that has repealed the MS2.724. Case A061150. WaterEDemA06-1150. Integrity, public trust, eliminate unpublished opinions, 87 county attorneys, replace 10 district attorneys, enforcement MS8.32-3 Consumers Affairs, parens patriae, jury trials;;
; prosecute white collar crime unabated by the monopoly of franchised lawyers ­— judges acting in concert with their franchise.
COUNT I  Enforce E_Filing MS 609.43
We must enforce Constutional Guarantees that Judges and Lawyers have Violated.
Legal Notice to DFL Senator Dick Cohen_ to check the Record that Affiant
was Candidate 1997 from Brainard State Hosptal to expose the
Heinous Commitment Process';s triggering the Murder of Affiants
2nd Husband Cpl.Jim Anderson Silver Star Marine Korea.
To be Committed re: Rule 20 because Affiant refused to
hire a Lawyer is Bizzare. Forced use of Drug Depokate used
to harm,injure Sharon

 then the State's Simulated Forced use of Drug fraud settlement will net Minn. $4.5M |
Shared on Google+. View the post.
Article by: BRAD SCHRADE , Star Tribune; Updated: October 23, 2012 - 7:40 PM ... violating federal law from 1998 to 2006 when it had a special sales team to market the drug Depakote to nursing homes as a way .... Minneapolis, MN 55488 ...

It is imperative we work to repeal the laws that legislators
 and bureaucrats are using to trample our rights and
instead pass common-sense laws that protect our liberty.
The powers of government shall be divided into three distinct departments:
legislative, executive, and judicial.  No person or persons belonging to or constituting one
of these departments shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others except in
 the instances expressly provided in this constitution.

                  On the Graves of our Heritage
Tenants in Common, Sharons Statement re: Penaltys of Perjury must disclose to the Public.
Thanks to all_ Wrath of God, Turbulence of Nature. Opponent Cohen's 30 yrs Service"but for"
Term Limits/Unicamerial Legislature must be implemented. Expose Software ie:
run by Lawyer's,Judges, County Attorneys, triggering  software "taken over Software outsourced to Texas  Tyler added complicity
 of Lawyers=Judges. Secret Courts in the Executive Branch, SCAP,TAX,OAH
                                ISSUES:  Separation of Powers MN Const Art. III Dave Schultz
the Minnesota Constitution when we conclude that the United States Supreme Court
has made a sharp or radical departure from its previous decisions or approach to
the law and when we discern no persuasive reason to follow such a departure.
We also will apply the state constitution if we determine that the Supreme Court
 has retrenched on Bill of Rights issues, or if we determine that federal precedent
 does not adequately protect our citizens’ basic rights and liberties.35

State officials laud the accuracy of e-voting machines, mechanical and
software failures are not a new problem.  Consumers are preyed upon by lawyers who
 prey upon them to sell them a bill of goods_re: Abolish SCAP_Cohens Complicity with
Chair Judge Joanne Smith, known Lesbian Judge. Justice Gildea
has not reappointed this Secret Court.
  It’s particularly disturbing,when consumers are preyed upon by lawyers who
 prey upon them to sell them a bill of goods.
                                 How do we resolve Crimnal Conduct via Public Officials,

 File Criminal Charges with the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney
Sharon has asked them to pursue criminal charges against the corrupt jduges.
My undeniable evidence was ignored.  This is because these so-called "law enforcement" officials are covering up for the corrupt state and federal  judges.
I continue to send these letters when additional criminal acts are committed.  This gives me proof that they failed to take action when I reported felonies to them.  This is a crime, a felony -- violation of 18 U.S.C. 4 -- Misprision of Felonies. 
                                  MEMORANDUM  OF
When I discovered that I was being victimized by judicial corruption, I decided to fight.
 not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice.
I went into this process expecting to win because mine is an easily-proven case of judicial misconduct and corruption.  I have found that you can’t win with the system because the judges are corrupt and protect each other.  Your best hope is a grand jury, but I believe taking every available shot is the best way to go.
If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have done much any different.  When I realized how pervasive the corruption was, I set out to document as much wrongdoing as possible.  This is very important in the fight against corruption because we need to build a tsunami of evidence of wrongdoing.

Put your Proof on a Website

I finally started adding my proof to a website. This serves many purposes.
The primary purpose is to expose the dishonesty and corruption in your case.  If you have a website and do the right things in the way you set it up and maintain it, your website should appear in the top Google search results for the bad guys.  We all want to educate the public about dishoinesty and corruption, and the only media we can control is the Internet, so we must use it.

Know How Judges Commit Crimes

To effectively battle judicial corruption, you must have a good handle on the various techniques that judges use to break the rules, favor the other party, and commit crimes.  Keep these techniques in mind as you analyze what has been done to you.
I suggest that you prepare a document listing each of these techniques that are applicable to your situation, and then gather the evidence that you have of each.  You will be able to use this information in many of the things that you do to battle corruption and expose the evildoers.
Judges regularly commit the crimes of obstruction of justice and perjury.  They obstruct justice by using various techniques to render decisions and issue orders that are intended to deny justice.
They do this to favor certain parties and law firms.   They may do it for money or other considerations, or they may do it simply because they favor certain attorneys....
For our purposes now, why they do it is not as important as the fact that they do obstruct justice.  They all belong in prison.
To pursue criminal charges against judges, you need to document everything that is improper.  It is my opinion that a pattern and practice of this wrongdoing can establish the crime of obstruction of justice.
These are some of the techniques the judges use:
Ignore the Law
One of the primary techniques used by corrupt judges is to simply ignore the law.  One party cites the law and overwhelming case law.  The favored party doesn't have the law on their side.   The judge simply ignores the law and rules against the party that was legally right
Cite Invalid Law
Ignore the Facts
Ignore Issues Conceal Evidence
Say Nothing in Orders
Block Filing of Motions and Evidence
Tamper with Evidence
Violate their Oath of Office and the Code of Judicial Conduct

Like the rules of civil procedure, a judge’s Oath of Office and Code of Judicial Conduct READ great.  But the judges pay no attention to the Oath or Code.  When they intentionally violate their Oath and the Code of Judicial Conduct, they are intentionally damaging a party.
Conspire with Fellow Judges and Judicial Employees
Deny Constitutional Rights By violating and ignoring the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Evidence, judges commit obstruction of justice.  They allow the favored party to break rules and get away with it.  For example, in my cases, the opposing parties have not filed a single affidavit as to facts for the last three years.
Violate and Ignore the Rules of Civil Procedure
Automatically Rule against Certain Classes of People
Order Monetary Sanctions against Parties they want to Damage
Refuse to Disqualify Themselves
Allow Perjury
Deny Hearings
Dishonest judges allow a favored party to lie and cheat.  The felony of perjury is ignored.  This is an excellent way for a crooked judge to allow a favored party who is dishonest to obstruct justice.   When the judge knows the testimony is perjured, the judge is suborning perjury when he or she does nothing about it and accepts the perjury
Practice Simulated Litigation
Dishonest judges don’t issue valid orders, and they don’t maintain legal dockets.  I guess this makes it easier for them to manipulate things
Dismiss Cases or Grant Summary Judgments
Dishonest judges ignore the law and violate the law by dismissing cases or by granting summary judgment.  This is done regularly.  This keeps the honest party from the right to have a jury make the decision.
Deny Jury Trials
Judges corrupt the judicial process by depriving parties of a jury trial
Don't Publish the Improper Orders
Judges are Corrupt
Corruption is the abuse of power by a public official.  As I see it, judicial corruption is dishonesty by a judge.  Corruption does not have to be economic in character.  A police officer who fabricates evidence against a person he believes to be guilty of paedophilia is not committing an economic crime; and he might do so because he believes the accused to be guilty, and does not want him to go unpunished.  Economics is not necessarily involved as an element of the officer's crime or as a motivation.   When police do wrong they are often motivated by a misplaced sense of justice, rather than by financial reward.  Again, a person in authority motivated by sadistic pleasure who abuses her power by meting out cruel and unjust treatment to those subject to her authority, is not engaging in an economic crime; and she is not motivated by economic considerations.  Judges and many of those who occupy positions of authority are motivated by a desire to exercise power for its own sake, rather than by a desire for financial reward.  That said, bribery is generally regarded as the most serious form of public corruption.

The legislature has determined, pursuant to its authority to secure the integrity of elections, that requiring photographic identification will advance the state's interest in preventing in-person voter fraud. We agree that the requirement bears a substantial relation to the state's interest. ... Showing a photo ID is not a significant intrusion or burden. ... The photographic identification requirement, in the context of the statutory scheme, serves the State's interest in the integrity of elections in the least intrusive manner possible.
A YES vote defends Marriage as the unique union of one man and one woman who commit to each other and any children born of their union.
1) Required for Payment of Pro Hac Vice Fees and Civil Appeal Fees - Effective November 1, 2012
Effective November 1, 2012, attorneys will be required to use for payment of pro hac vice motion fees ($100 per case) and the civil appeal fee ($455). As of that date, you will no longer be able to bypass the screens in CM/ECF. The fee must be paid electronically through when filing the motion for admission pro hac vice or the notice of appeal. is an electronic system of the U.S. Department of the Treasury that allows users to make secure electronic payments to federal government agencies. Payments can be made directly from a checking or savings account or by using a credit or debit card. For more information or assistance, please contact the CM/ECF helpdesk a t or at 612-664-5155 or 866-325-4975.

A12-0920: League of Women Voters Minnesota, et al., Petitioners, vs. Mark Ritchie, Respondent

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The full name of this case is:
League of Women Voters Minnesota; Common Cause, a District of Columbia nonprofit corporation; Jewish Community Action; Gabriel Herbers; Shannon Doty; Gretchen Nickence; John Harper Ritten; Kathryn Ibur, Petitioners, vs. Mark Ritchie, in his capacity as Secretary of State of the State of Minnesota, and not in his individual capacity, Respondent
All documents filed in this case will be posted here in PDF format, except for the briefs, which are not able to be posted per the Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch.  Briefs will be provided by e-mail upon request.

Notice of withdrawal08/16/2012
Letter - Pursuant to Rule 128.05 of the MN Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure, Petitioners League of Women Voters MN, et al. wish to advise the Supreme Court of the following pertinent and significant authorities. See letter for details... 07/12/2012
Citation of Supplemental Authority - Petitioners07/11/2012
Brief - Reply (Request a copy by e-mail)07/02/2012
Brief - Amicus - Scott J. Newman, et al (Request a copy by e-mail)06/27/2012
Brief - Amicus - Minnesota Majority (Request a copy by e-mail)06/27/2012
Order - Grant motions of amicus curiae AARP and Citizens for Election Integrity - Minnesota for leave to substitute page one of their respective amicus briefs 06/27/2012
Letter of Mark Ritchie to Justice Lorie Gildea and Affidavit of Gary Poser06/25/2012
Brief of Amicus Curiae Hennepin County Attorneys Office and Appendix (Request a copy by e-mail)06/25/2012
Brief and Supplemental Appendix of Intervenors-Respondents 87th Minnesota House of Representatives and 87th Minnesota Senate (Request a copy by e-mail)06/25/2012
Motion for Leave to Substitute Page One of Amicus Brief - AARP06/25/2012
Motion for Leave to Substitute Page One of Amicus Brief filed by Citizens for Election Integrity06/21/2012
Affidavit of service for letter from Secretary of State Mark Ritchie06/20/2012
Affidavit - Service - amicus brief06/20/2012
Affidavit for service on intervenors' counsel06/19/2012
Affidavit of Service - Motion to Intervene - State Senator Scott J. Newman & State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer06/18/2012
Brief - Amicus - Citizens for Election Integrity - Minnesota (Request a copy by e-mail)06/18/2012
Brief - Amicus - City of St. Paul (Request a copy by e-mail06/18/2012
Order; petitioners shall serve a copy of the 5/30/12 petition, affidavits, and brief upon the 87th Minnesota House of Representatives and the 87th Minnesota Senate, and file proof of such service by 6/2006/18/2012
Order - Grant (Daniel B. Kohrman)06/18/2012
Brief - Amicus - AARP (Request a copy by e-mail)06/18/2012
Letter of Secretary of State Mark Ritchie06/18/2012
Order - Grant (J. Christian Adams, Kaylan L. Phillips, Noel Johnson & Zachary S. Kester)06/15/2012
Order - Grant motion of the 87th MN House of Representatives and the 87th MN Senate to intervene as respondents; Deny joint motion of Senator Scott J. Newman and Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer to intervene; Deny motion of MN Majority to intervene; Matter to be heard on 7/17 at 1:30 in MJC-300...SEE ORDER06/15/2012
Notice - Attorney Withdrawal - Respondent (Mark Ritchie)06/15/2012
Letter of Thomas Boyd; the Legislative Coordinating Commission has met and approved the 87th Minnesota House of Represenatives and the 87th Minnesota Senate's Motion to Intervene06/14/2012
Reply of Individual Legislators' to Petitioners' Response to the Motions to Intervene06/13/2012
Reply Memorandum in Support of Minnesota Majority's Motion to Intervene06/13/2012
Reply by the 87th Minnesota House of Representatives and the 87th Minnesota Senate to Petitioners' Response to the Motions to Intervene06/13/2012
Petitioners' Response to the Motions to Intervene of (1) Individual Legislators; (2) the 87th Minnesota Senate and 87th Minnesota House of Representatives; and (3) Minnesota Majority, Inc.06/12/2012
Amended Affidavit - Service - Amicus Motion - Hennepin County Attorney's Office06/11/2012
Order - Grant Amicus - City of St. Paul, Citizens for Election Integrity-Minnesota, AARP, St. Paul Branch of the NAACP, and Hennepin County Attorney's Office06/11/2012
Order - Briefing/Scheduling; any opposition to any motion to intervene shall be served and filed by 4:30, Tuesday, 6/12; any reply in support of motion to intervene shall be served and filed no later than 4:30, Wednesday, 6/13...see order for details06/11/2012
Motion - Amicus - St. Paul NAACP06/08/2012
Motion - Intervene - 87th Minnesota House of Representatives & 87th Minnesota Senate06/08/2012
Motion - Amicus - Hennepin County Attorney's Office06/08/2012
Motion - Pro Hac Vice (J. Christian Adams, Kaylan L. Phillips, Noel Johnson & Zachary S. Kester06/08/2012
Motion - Intervene & Motion for Expedited Consideration - Minnesota Majority06/08/2012
Motion - Amicus - City of St. Paul06/08/2012
Motions - Amicus and Pro Hac Vice for Daniel B. Kohrman - AARP06/08/2012
Motion - Amicus - Citizens for Election Integrity - Minnesota06/08/2012
Motion - Intervene - State Senator Scott J. Newman & State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer06/07/2012
Order - Briefing/Scheduling06/01/2012
Order - Grant (Laughlin McDonald & Jonathan Sherman)05/31/2012
Notice - Case Filing05/30/2012
Brief - Petitioner (Request a copy by e-mail)05/30/2012
Motion for admission of Jonathan Sherman pro hac vice05/30/2012
Motion for admission of Laughlin McDonald pro hac vice05/30/2012
Petitioners' Affidavits05/30/2012
Petition pursuant to Minn. Stat. 204B.4405/30/2012
Notice - Attorney Scheduling Conflicts - William Pentelovitch05/30/2012

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