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                Wed/ 24Pct2012
Note to Confirming Senate 64 Debate at Highland School Mon 29Oct12 ?

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State Senate District 064

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    Sharon Anderson (R)Retired RealEstateEntreprenuer

  • Richard J. Cohen (DFL)  NO RESPONSE

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    Scott Larson (None)Business Owner

HomeTown St.Paul Central Minnesota Homegrown
Retired RealEstateEntreprenuerVA Widow_Whistleblow
(1) Expose Bizzare Committment's, Separate Health Care of alleged Mentally Ill, Close down St.Peter, Brainard Hospitals as ineffective, overly burdensome to the Tax Paying Public. Health,Housing Reforms now that ObamaCare is ObamaTaxes. (2) Expose Judicial Malpractice acting in concort with any/alL Lawyers,ABOLISH SCAP (3) Separation Powers must be enforced with Criminal RICO
Less Government is best Judicial Accountability Estopp Outsourcing our Medical Records to France Questions if Federal Medicaid does not provide for the Doctors, case load may lead to poor care. Please view Forensic Evidence of City St.Paul Ponzi Schemes to Steal,Condemn Single Family Homes. DSI is taking our propertys on the Ingress_Egress of Windows. What Public Health or Improvement?
Techinally with ObamaCareTaxes We're in the Tank. Due Process is denied to the Public Outsourcing Medical Records to France, PC Tech Support ie: Comcast Cable to Phillipines, Dell of Texas TechSupport Phillipines and MN Supreme Court outsourcing to Tyler Tech of Texas. Minnesota is a Sanctuary State, Employ our own instead of outsourcing. Sharon is exposing the 3 Million Settlement re:MGSF Trust Account Federal Judge Ericksen DIRTYCOPS
I have a Rain Garden its a simnple start, To conserve Water the St.Paul Corrupt Ponzi Schemes shut my Water Off. Wilful Court neglience to Steal Propertys ie: Aitkin Co. makes deals with Gravel Pit, Overbuilding on Buck Lake etc. Flushing Toilets are not Natures way of eliminating Wastes St.Paul Central Corridor in time will prove to be a Natural Disater, Look at Duluth Floods.
Let the State controll Schools take Tax Burden from Homeowners. Disparate Impact Seniors vs. Children. Local Government, Townships,municipalitys are out of control. Spend,Spend,Spend Tax,Tax,Tax Let the Lawyers stand in Food Lines. Schools do not teach the Constitution,Court Access via Electronic Commerce, which must change. Even Lawyers and Judges are NOT LEARNED IN E-COMMERCE. In re Scarrella4Justice221NW2d Sharon denied the Employment contrary MNConstArtIII www.sharon4judge.blogspot.
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B.A. University of Minnesota, School of Journalism-Advertising Concentration, Former Series 7 and 63 Securities Licence
Business Owner-Financial Services Company, Business Owner-Specialty Advertising Company and Troubled Company Turnaround Specialist
Democrats and Republicans have caused unacceptable gridlock at the State Capitol while each struggle to gain or maintain majority power. Their partisan politics has prevented important issues from being resolved. As an Independent I do not answer to a Party, only the voters who elect me. When we look back at the last Legislative Session, the House and Senate spent time debating Stadiums and Marriage, Right-to-Work, Photo ID Amendments. I think our priorities are out of order when we need JOBS!
The state (which must include counties and cities) must protect its citizens with Police and Fire. Education is mandated by the Constitution. Regulating business operations relative to workplace safety, environment and job equality. Building and Planning regulations for livable communities and safety. Safety nets for the elderly, poor and disabled. Our executive, legislative, and judicial systems. Our system of transportation. Our water and sewer infrastructure and regulate utility delivery.
We MUST have an educated workforce and an environment (livability) that attracts business owners and corporate executives to live and locate their businesses here. We MUST maintain our transportation infrastructure for the movement of goods and services and offer multi-modal public transportation systems to move employees. Business regulation MUST be carefully crafted to not restrict business, but to protect our natural resources, Minnesota IS a national recreation center that we MUST protect
Minnesota must take critical notice of its natural resources, because a major portion of our state revenue is produced from tourism. Protecting our natural resources is not just ideological, but economic. Leaving our community and state a bit better than we found it, is not just ecologically smart, but financially prudent. Any legislation MUST adhere to this base consideration. We need JOBS, but new jobs cannot create environmental disasters that cost other jobs, there must be balance!
Our Constitution requires education funding, the Minnesota Supreme Court defined the adequacy requirements in Skeen vs State of Minnesota. We MUST remember that OUR children ARE OUR most precious resource. Schools are our most valuable "laboratories". Our teachers are dedicated, and we MUST let them teach and not over-burden them with requirements and testing. If the measurement is the test, then we cannot complain about teaching to the test. Let the teachers teach and TRUST their evaluations. logo
P.O. Box 4384, St. Paul, MN 55104
Sounds good to me

In a message dated 10/3/2012 12:07:13 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:


I have spoken with all of you, and Monday October 29th appears to be a conflict-free evening to hold our candidate forum. So please mark your calendars for the 29th at 7pm.

I've attached a flier you can use for promotional purposes. Please note that I am still waiting to receive confirmation from Highland High School that our date change does not present a problem with the venue. Unless you hear differently from me, you may assume we will still be holding the event at Highland. If Highland no longer works I will find an alternative venue and will let you know. I should have this nailed down by tomorrow.

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility. I hope you're looking forward to the forum!

Emily McGann
Candidate Forum Coordinator
League of Women Voters St. Paul