Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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State Senate District 064

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    Sharon Anderson (R)

    Retired RealEstateEntreprenuer

  • Richard J. Cohen (DFL)  NO RESPONSE

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    Scott Larson (None)

    Business Owner

My Notes:
  1. Biographical Information
    Facebook Page:
    Twitter Page:
    Phone:(651) 776-5835
  2. Education
    Richard J. Cohen: Candidate has not responded.
    Sharon Anderson: HomeTown St.Paul Central Minnesota Homegrown
  3. Occupation
    Richard J. Cohen: Candidate has not responded.
    Sharon Anderson: Retired RealEstateEntreprenuerVA Widow_Whistleblow
  4. Why are you seeking this office?
    Richard J. Cohen: Candidate has not responded.

    (1) Expose Bizzare Committment's, Separate Health Care of alleged Mentally Ill, Close down St.Peter, Brainard Hospitals as ineffective, overly burdensome to the Tax Paying Public. Health,Housing Reforms now that ObamaCare is ObamaTaxes. (2) Expose Judicial Malpractice acting in concort with any/alL Lawyers,ABOLISH SCAP (3) Separation Powers must be enforced with Criminal RICO
  5. What services should state government provide and how should those services be funded?
  6. How can Minnesota improve its business climate and create more jobs?
  7. How would you work to protect Minnesota’s natural resources?
  8. What is the state’s role in funding education?
    Richard J. Cohen: Candidate has not responded.
    Sharon Anderson: Let the State controll Schools take Tax Burden from Homeowners. Disparate Impact Seniors vs. Children. Local Government, Townships,municipalitys are out of control. Spend,Spend,Spend Tax,Tax,Tax Let the Lawyers stand in Food Lines. Schools do not teach the Constitution,Court Access via Electronic Commerce, which must change. Even Lawyers and Judges are NOT LEARNED IN E-COMMERCE. In re Scarrella4Justice221NW2d Sharon denied the Employment contrary MNConstArtIII www.sharon4judge.blogspot. logo


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