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Congratulations to All Candidates  We can't lose something we never had. 
Abolish SCAP Panel chaired by Lesbian Judge Joanne Smith et al  Our Medical Records Mainframed to France: regardless of Political Party, Race and or Class Distinction ie: Franchise of Lawyers and Judges acting in concort to deprive the Voting Taxpaying Public the Costs of Committments contrary to Title 3 and the Class Distinction of Gays and Lesbians vs. Straight Married Persons of a Man and Woman>

State of Minnesota
Department of Human Services
In keeping with Minnesota’s enterprise vision,
Bull Services BI data warehouse helps manage all medical assistance programs
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and State CIO Gopal Khanna have articulated a transformative vision for the state, one that will stress collaborative, enterprise-wide IT governance and shared services.   Such a goal will certainly aided by the Bull Services BI data warehouse that now forms the informational backbone for Minnesota’s medical assistance programs.
The Minnesota solution incorporates advanced analytics, data warehousing, and decision support capabilities.   It helps policy and operations staff from the Department of Human Services (DHS) manage a number of programs, including:
  • Medical assistance
  • General assistance medical care
  • MinnesotaCare
  • Home- and community-based waiver services
  • Alternative health care program (helping older Minnesotans with home health services)
  • Minnesota Senior Drug Program
  • Minnesota Senior Health options
Since Minnesota ran its first query report just three months after it contracted with Bull Services – the fastest ‘award-to-first-query’ implementation of any BI data warehouse solution in public sector history – the BI solution has paid dividends for the North Star state. It has help DHS allocate resources more effectively, make decisions about the quality of care received around the state, and more quickly identify and manage fraud and abuse.
Moreover, the BI data warehouse solution has also helped DHS to become more proactive in its decision-making, helping the agency to set up “what-if” modeling for determining policy and making operational decisions. The warehouse enables DHS officials to quickly determine how many and what people would be affected by potential policy changes, for example, as well as establish maintenance priorities for the MMIS itself.
The solution has helped Minnesota save tens of millions, including more than $30 million in the last three years on federal high performance bonuses that analysts say would not have been possible without the data warehouse.
In addition, the warehouse has helped DHS be more responsive to the Legislature and to potential laws proposed in that body.
DHS has further visionary plans for the data warehouse; the enterprise approach to managing medical assistance programs is the first step in analyzing services offered to a person, rather than services offered by a program.
The Bull Services data warehouse, in short, is helping Minnesota DHS deliver medical welfare services differently and more effectively to the citizens who need them, allowing the agency to do things it could never do before. Working with Bull Services has helped DHS achieve its goals. "I can't say this enough," one DHS official said, "most vendors sell you what they are good at, not necessarily what you need. Bull Services provides us what we need."

To the Above named:
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Welcome Back Brodkorb the Blogger
Politics with Rachel E. Stassen-Berger

Primary results set stage for November battle

Tea Party leader Cindy Pugh, whose candidacy was inspired by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, easily defeated state Rep. Steve Smith in Tuesday's primary election, a runup to the November battle for control of the Legislature. Pugh, of Chanhassen, scored a resounding victory over Smith, who lost his party's endorsement after opposing constitutional amendments for so-called right-to-work laws and against same-sex marriage. "This is a victory for everyone who is engaged and concerned about the direction of the state, about spending, about the size of government,'' Pugh said.
Nolan, Quist win Minn. congressional primaries
Tea party's Yoho on verge of upset in Fla.
Former Wis. Gov. Thompson wins GOP Senate bid
3,100 Minnesotans lose state health insurance after an audit
In presidential race backdrops, energy policy contrasts are on display


Brodkorb, a blogger again

Michael Brodkorb, who founded the now faded Minnesota Democrats Exposed blog, is blogging again. The Republican, who was fired from the Minnesota Senate in 2011 in the wake of revelations that he was having an affair with the then-Senate majority leader, says his new site will not be a MDE remake. “ will be nothing like my former blog.…  Some of the most enjoyable professional experiences I have had in the last few years have been opportunities to work alongside Democrats and people with differing political ideologies,” he wrote, acknowledging that Democrats will scoff at that. He noted that his re-emergence is also different. Since his firing, he has largely been publicly quiet. He wrote: “Please do not confuse my inability to comment as any lack of understanding on my part about the issues involving my case. At a time appropriate in the future, I will likely have an opportunity to speak.”