Friday, August 10, 2012

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Keep the "She Votes 2012" Bus Rolling …
Help CWA Rally Conservative Women and Men to Impact this Election!

Go here to see pictures of the "She Votes 2012"
bus tour in Newport News, Virginia.
Concerned Women for America's "She Votes 2012" Bus Tour is rolling across the nation letting conservative women and men know that together we are in a fight for our nation, our families, and the generations that will follow, and we need Conservative women and men to step up and impact this election.

Through our national bus tour efforts we are impacting thousands of women and men, but there's so much more that needs to be done, and we are asking for your help to empower and mobilize those who are most concerned about our nation.

Your tax-deductible gift of just $10 will help us get this message to 100 concerned women across the nation before Election Day and continue other vital CWA efforts. If you can go the extra mile, please consider donating $30 (to help reach 300 women), $50 (to reach 500 women), $100 or more.

Just complete the form below to make your gift by check or credit card today. Thank you in advance for your help!