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   Really Love Ann Romney  WOW ageless at 63 Family,Friends,Keep USA FREE  Seniors at the Fair 30Aug2012  Have a Great Labor Day and Drink lots of Pristine Water.  See U there

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  1. Ann Romney Speech Steals The Show At Republican Convention (TEXT & VIDEO)

    Huffington Post‎ - 1 hour ago
    Ann Romney stole the show with her speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night.
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Sent: 8/29/2012 12:31:25 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Join us for Bills-Klobuchar Debate on August 30 at the State Fair!

Join us for Bills-Klobuchar Debate on August 30 at the State Fair!

Incumbent US Senator Amy Klobuchar hasn't been held accountable for her abysmal record in the Senate. Her votes in support of corporate bailouts, cap and trade, and skyrocketing debt have all contributed to the economic struggles our country is facing. On Thursday, August 30th, Kurt Bills will be debating Amy Klobuchar at the State Fair. Will you be there?

Kurt needs your support to show Minnesota that we don't want more spending, deficits, and regulation. Meet us at the MPR booth on the corner of Judson and Nelson, just before noon on Thursday, August 30th. Let's show Minnesota that we are ready to move beyond the Obama-Klobuchar agenda of higher taxes, spending, and debt!

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