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Minnesota’s Supreme Court hears arguments from Republican backed attorneys who object to Secretary of State Mark Ritchie giving a more descriptive title to the two constitutional amendments scheduled to be on the Minnesota November election ballot. Those attorneys will have 35 minutes to make their case to the court. The state will have 25 minutes to respond.
The arguments are scheduled to begin at 9 AM.
Ritchie says state law explicitly says the Secretary of State shall title the amendments which are “Limiting the status of marriage to opposite sex couples” and “Changes to in-person & absentee voting & voter registration; provisional ballots.”
Republicans would like names that don’t reflect that the amendment limit rights or make changes in absentee voting and set up a whole new system of voting with provisional ballots.
Background documents on this case can be found here.

A12-1149 Limmer, et al., Petitioners, vs. Ritchie, Respondent, Swanson, Respondent

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The full name of this case is:
Warren Limmer, Steve Gottwalt, Dan Hall, Steve Drazkowski, Sean Nienow, Paul Gazelka, Julianne Ortman, Peggy Scott, Michelle Benson, Ernie Leidiger, Bob Dettmer, Glenn Gruenhagen, Bob Gunther, Joyce Peppin and Mike Benson, all individuals, registered voters and members of the Minnesota Legislature; John Helmberger, an individual and registered voter; Minnesota for Marriage, an association of individuals and registered ballot committee, Petitioners, vs. Mark Ritchie, in his official capacity as Secretary of State of the State of Minnesota, Lori Swanson, in her official capacity as Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, Respondents
All documents filed in this case will be posted here in PDF format, except for the briefs, which are not able to be posted per the Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch.  Briefs will be provided by e-mail upon request.
Order - Deny Petitioners' Motion for Additional Time for Oral Argument and for Argument by Two Attorneys  07/30/2012
Response - Motion 07/27/2012
Petitioners' Motion for Additional Time for Oral Argument and for Argument by Two Attorneys 07/27/2012
Order Consolidating Cases 07/26/2012
Brief - Reply (Request a copy by e-mail) 07/18/2012
Notice of Appearance - Petitioner 07/18/2012
Order - Grant Amicus - Law Professors; The petition of Kurt Zellers and Michelle Fischbach for leave to participate as amici curiae by joining the brief previously filed by Matt Dean and David H. Senjem is denied as untimely 07/17/2012
Brief - Amicus - Law Professors  (Request a copy by e-mail) 07/16/2012
Motion - Amicus - Law Professors  07/16/2012
Letter of Jordan Lorence 07/16/2012
Affidavit of Gary Poser 07/16/2012
Motion - Amicus - Kurt Zellers & Michelle Fischbach and Motion to Join Brief of Matt Dean and David H. Senjem 07/16/2012
Order - Grant (Teresa S. Collett) 07/16/2012
Brief - Respondent  (Request a copy by e-mail) 07/16/2012
Order - Grant Amicus motion of Matt Dean and David S. Senjem; amici brief is accepted as filed 07/13/2012
Original motion for pro hac vice - Teresa S. Collett 07/13/2012
Motion - Amicus - Matt Dean & David H. Senjem (e-mail) and proposed briefs (in draft status) (Request a copy by e-mail) 07/12/2012
Affidavits - Service - Petition & Brief and Appendix 07/10/2012
Affidavits of Service - Motion for Pro Hac Vice 07/10/2012
Order - Grant (Cleta Mitchell, Kaylan L. Phillips, Noel H. Johnson, Zachary S. Kester, Eric C. Bohnet, David Austin R. Nimocks) 07/10/2012
Order - Briefing/Scheduling 07/09/2012
Motion - Pro Hac Vice (Cleta Mitchell, Kaylan L. Phillips, Noel H. Johnson, Zachary S. Kester, Eric C. Bohnet, David Austin R. Nimocks) 07/09/2012
Notice - Case Filing 07/09/2012
Brief - Petitioner  (Request a copy by e-mail) 07/09/2012
Petition to correct error or omission under Minnesota Statute 204B.44 07/09/2012