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                             Contents: 1. Affidavit of Candidate Sharon Anderson Republican Senate64
                                                  Notarized  Jenna C. Laman Comm ex Jan31,2014
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                                          AFFIDAVIT FILING STATEMENT RE:PENALITYS PERJURY
 MN today filing 4 Senate64  If only Licensed Lawyers can file electronically then the Taxpayers must Not Pay for CourtBudget.
"The denial of electronic filing to pro se parties is a significant violation of due process rights.  It gives attorneys a clear advantage.  It denies pro se parties valuable evidence of wrongdoing.  In federal courts, the clerks refuse to give a pro se party the NEFs (Notices of Electronic Filing), so the court and the attorneys have information that the pro se parties do not have.  It is an outrageous situation.


William M. Windsor
Office: 770-578-1094
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P.O. Box 681236
Marietta, GA 30068      
                         Major CivilRights Violations in Minnesota, Court Corruption "taking" RealEstate,Homestead when Taxes were paid, with NO Mortgage. on the Graves of our Heritage without Quiet Titles.
                                    i.   1988 Judicial Corruption of Lesbian Judges Joanne Smith and Kathleen Gearin, chair SCAP Panel acting in Concort with DFL Senator Dick Cohen in the Commitment Process to reduce the citizenry to poverty,
                                   ii.   1997 Heinous Court Commitments via Corrupt Judge Gregg Johnson also with SCAP Panel, his Commisioner Wife Susan Haigh manulipating the 94 Thousand Bill at St.Peter and Brainard State Hospital Major Fraud with USA Social Security of the Andersons.
                                   iii.   2000 The Commitment and Murder of Cpl.Anderson via Judge Gregg Johnson of the SCAP Panel acting in Concort with Incumbent DFL Senator Dick Cohen also Independent Contractor to Commitment Persons.
                                    iv.  Separation of Powers Doctrine mandates DFL Senator Dick Cohen RESIGN, either from the "BAR" or as Senator. Heinous Violations MN Const. Art. III.
                                     FURTHER:  If Dick Cohen's life style is that of a Gay Man, he must disclose to the Voting Public.

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Petitions to Determine Core Functions of Government
Jerusalem, May 21 – "Senior members of the judiciary and senior officers of the Ministry of Justice of the State of Israel exploited the transition to electronic record systems to create legal and/or electronic back doors, which undermine the integrity of the legal records of the State of Israel," says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO).

Criminal complaint (No. to assigned) has been filed today with the Israel Police by Dr Zernik against Attorneys YORAM HACOHEN and AMIT ASHKENAZI of the Ministry of Justice of the State of Israel. [1] The Complaint alleges Fraud and Honest Services Fraud by Attorneys YORAM HACOHEN and AMIT ASHKENAZI, jointly and/or separately, through the usurpation of the office of Registrar of Certifying Authorities, pursuant to the Electronic Signature Act (2001).
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            Sharons Evidence of Court Corruption_Denied Access_DueProcess

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Subject: Sharon - Lawless America...The Movie -- UPDATE
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William M. Windsor & LawlessAmerica

Dear Sharon

I look forward to interviewing you for Lawless America…The Movie.  The road trip begins in 25 short days.
Here’s what the Mobile Film Studio (RV) will look like.
If you haven’t sent us some of the information that we have requested, PLEASE send it ASAP.  At this point, missing information is really causing us problems.
Here is information about the TalkShoe calls that I conduct on Sundays from 5-7 pm Eastern Time and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-midnight Eastern Time.  If you go to, there is a link for TalkShoe in the right column on the Home Page.  In that column, you will see SEARCH, Join the Cause, Lawless America TV, and then the blue icon for TalkShoe.  Click on that icon, and it will take you to the Lawless America Channel on TalkShoe (or click HERE):
If you are not experienced with TalkShoe, I suggest that you go to and register so you have a username and password so you can login for the calls and participate by phone or by chat.  This page provides a basic explanation.  This page has a short video that explains how to Talk & Participate – it’s the purple circle icon on the far right of the page beneath the video window.  Click on it and watch.  If you don’t have unlimited long distance, you can join and participate in the conversation by computer where there’s no telephone charge – here’s that information.
So, I hope that makes it easy to join in.
All the best,

William M. Windsor -- Office: 770-578-1094 -- Fax: 770-578-1057
P.O. Box 681236 -- Marietta, GA 30068