Non-Urgent Medical Question

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Brooke Andrew Van Dyke, MD
Sharon L Anderson
4/25/2015  7:45 PM CDT
Affiant hereinafter Sharon rcvd from Healtheast Request for Medical Records
On a Cursary review ISSUES Sat.25Apr2015
1. Sharon's PreOpt Visit 4 Medical Vitals by Brooke Andrew VanDyke on Tues Apr.2015 was extensive, with Humble Thanks.
2. Sharon was ill informed of the Lexiscan, but for submitted Thurs.17Apr.2015
a. Negative Side effects of the Thallium Injection, 3 weeks later, has Metal taste in Mouth, Extreme Dizzness etc. Vision deteriating.
b. Will scann in Report Sharons concern4Diabetes, apparantly Negative, researching Glaucoma,
Therefore Sharons risk of Heart Attack mandates Negative for Surgery of Cataracts, Glaucoma. Visions Loss must be clarified Pressured Speech re PSYCHIATRIC?? Again Candidate Ward 2 as the Public has the Right to be informed of Sharons Medical.
c. The only Medical Doctor MCkay of Duluty and the VA sued to save my Husbands life on File 
FURHER AFFIANT SAYETH NOT AT THIS TIME, Thanks4Referral to John Foley and the PreOpt Physical's /s/ Sharon Anderson