Friday, September 28, 2012

Petition to Lehrer - Common Cause_SharonSen64MustAolishSCAP

Petition to Lehrer - Common Cause   Legal Notice to Dick Cohen Senate64 to Disclose his Conflicts re: Separation of Powers Doctrine as Independant Contractor to Committ Persons in Minnesota,
Has the State Committment Panel been Abolished as Chief Justice Glidea has refused to re-appoint? or because Lesbian Judge Joanne Smith is the Chair?

Put the candidates on the spot

The unchecked flow of money into our elections is poisonous to American democracy and we want to hear President Obama and Mitt Romney detail their plans to bring it under control.

Sign the petition and tell Jim Lehrer: ask this question during next week’s presidential debate.

“You’ve discussed your positions on the economy and our healthcare system. But many Americans question how you can reach your goals when Washington is so broken. The polls tell us that overwhelming majorities of voters fear that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has unleashed a flood of political spending that is drowning out their voices in elections and corrupting our democracy.  Here in Colorado, voters have put a measure on the ballot instructing members of Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and allow limits on campaign spending.  Do you support a constitutional amendment? Do you favor public funding of elections? If not, what specifically would you do to reduce the role of powerful special interests in Washington and in our elections, and how high a priority will it be in your administration?”