Thursday, September 13, 2012

DFL Joseph Manskey_Election Conflicts

Ramsey County Residents Should Be Outraged
The chief election official in Ramsey County is Joe Mansky. He’s the guy with overall responsibility for counting the votes in Ramsey County elections.
So why is Mansky scheduled to speak at a campaign rally this Thursday AGAINST the Voter ID Amendment (here's a copy of the invite that recently went out
As most people know, Voter ID is on the ballot this November. How can we possibly trust the man who is supposed to oversee the fair and accurate counting of the votes on the Voter ID Amendment when he is out campaigning against it?
There’s clearly a conflict of interest here. Mansky cannot be campaigning against a ballot initiative and yet be responsible for impartiality administering Ramsey County elections.
Contact Joe Mansky to express your outrage at his planned participation in this anti-Voter ID campaign event and demand that he cancel his appearance. Joe Mansky can be reached at 651-266-2221 and/or drop him an email at Ramsey County residents should expect better from their chief elections official.
PS - please share this email with other people on your contact list.
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